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From actionable, real-time intelligence to lightning-fast forensics, visit the Vaion booth at 19125 for a tour of our powerful features in real-world scenarios. Learn how to detect and address threats as they unfold rather than merely recording incidents. Get to know our seamless end-to-end security solution.

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Six great reasons to visit Vaion at ISC West

Vaion vcam camera line

Object counting

Breaking glass detection

Experience demos with scenarios that matter to you


  • Commercial: Detect and respond to loitering, property damage, or unescorted visitors.
  • Retail: Locate lost children, Investigate liabilities, gain valuable insights on in-store traffic patterns
  • Education: Quickly identify and address acts of bullying, vaping, and vandalism. Respond to active shooter or fire situations
  • Federal Government: Investigate faster to gain control faster. Leverage audio analytics to detect gunshots or breaking glass.
  • Healthcare: Improve care through understanding where your nurses are and when; quickly investigate theft & liability claims.
  • End-to-end encryption to prevent hackers from hijacking video feeds.
  • Factory-installed certificates authenticate users and limit access to authorized personnel.
  • Audit trails of operator and administrator actions to stay compliant.

Protect against the cyber threats of the modern connected world with our secure-by-design solutions:

Discover just how truly secure video solutions can be


The era of compromise is over. Our cameras’ integrated audio analytics detect unusual sound patterns, while also maintaining privacy (no continuous audio recording). And, regardless of the camera position, it alerts operators to the sound origin for more proactive threat response.

Be amazed by our always-on, directional audio analytics


Leverage your video investment also to address non-security business needs. Three examples of how our object counting tool enables impactful business decisions in addition to security:

Create additional value beyond security for your business


  • Gain visibility into day-to-day operations to optimize cleaning, heating and cooling systems.
  • Discover footfall traffic flow to allocate staff and analyze product performance or other metrics by location. 
  • Get advanced understanding and insights on vehicle flows in warehouses or parking garages.

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