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Come into our virtual booth for a look at our computer vision capabilities in action that make it easier for businesses and organizations to monitor their physical assets proactively. We will show you how to detect threats in their earliest stages and perform fast, effective investigations with fewer resources. 

From actionable, real-time intelligence to lightning-fast forensics, you’ll learn how to detect and address threats as they unfold. We’ll address timely, critical issues as organizations across industries adjust to managing remote workforces with physical buildings left shuttered and vulnerable as well as essential businesses that need to stay open while following new social distancing rules.

Please join our Vaion experts for one or all of our personalized demos, giveaways, and fun (yes, fun) from the comfort of your current office location. Registration is simple. Select the demo scenarios that matter to you.


On-demand sessions

Adjusting to shuttered buildings or enforcing social distancing mandates?
New rules? No problem.


Eric Gutierrez

Sales Executive

Learn how video surveillance using machine learning is helping organizations detect and respond to situations in real-time.

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Kelly King

Regional Sales 

Learn how intelligent video surveillance is helping schools quickly identify and respond to active situations during a crisis.

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Jesse Gallo

Sales Executive

Learn how government organizations are investigating situations with speed using intelligent security camera systems.

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Christian Van Horn

Regional Sales 

Learn how intelligent video software is helping healthcare organizations improve patient care.

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John Doody

Sales Executive

Learn how to protect assets & inventory while buildings are empty. Video monitoring facilitates new social distancing rules.

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Join Vaion for a live tradeshow and visit our virtual ISC West booth